Emulsion Breaker 2010 has been developed for the Biodiesel Water Washing Process. This product will knock out stubborn emulsions and "rag layers" rapidly. To achieve the best results with this product we recommend heating both the biodiesel and water above 55 deg C before adding the product, please ensure the EB 2010 is well mixed in the biodiesel.

Chemiphase offer all biodiesel producers the opportunity to have their biodiesel's tested to EN14214 & EN14213 standards.  We are pleased to offer a laboratory analysis of biodiesel carried out against the EN 14214 European Standard. We offer a collection service of the sample, testing will be completed within 7 working days and results returned within 10 days of collection.

Be part of the solution...During recent years market demand for sustainable, renewable, biodegradable (SRB) fuels and oils has emerged driven by global environmental concerns. Governments are responding to well organised and media articulate lobbyists creating awareness and a call to arms of these vital issues which have major social and economic impacts.

Welcome to Chemiphase Ltd toll blending service website.  We are a 20 year old, UK based chemical manufacturing company who offer a bespoke manufacturing service which includes chemical formulation and deformulation, toll drumming, toll mixing, toll blending and toll filling.  In addition to a comprehensive range of specialist toll manufacturing.

To achieve the lowest pour points of biodiesel using Coldflow 350/402 there are a few basics which must be adhered to allow your fuel to reach low pour points which in turn will help your biodiesel run through the winter. Coldflow 350 is a biodiesel winter additive for biodiesel blends made from good quality oils like used cooking oils which contain less than 10% palm oils or heavy oils. Coldflow 402 is for biodiesel's made from 10% or more Palm oils or other heavy oils with poor pour points.