Cooling Water Treatment

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Chemiphase have developed an extensive and innovative range of cooling water treatment chemicals, formulated for the treatment of water across a range of cooling water systems.

All the Chemiphase products in the Cooling Water Treatment Range have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing, and as such offer cutting edge solutions for the problems associated with industrial boiler systems. Employing a Chemical treatment in your boiler system has been shown to;

  • Increased Cooling Water System efficiency
  • Reduce fuel, operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimize maintenance and downtime
  • Protect equipment from corrosion and extend equipment lifetime.

With 20 years experience in manufacturing chemical solutions, Chemiphase, through extensive in house research and development, have refined the the Cooling Water Treatment Range and are able to offer the most efective and competetively price cooling water treatments on the market.

The Cooling Water Treatment Range offers solutions to overcome all the major problems associated with cooling water maintenance and maximising efficiency. All the products in the range are uniquley formulated and are tailored to suit different types of Cooling Watre Treatment Systems and operating procedures.

A brief outline of our range includes;




CP 9210 Scale Inhibitor CP 9210
CP 9220            Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor                   CP 9220
CP 9232    Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor with Biocide    CP 9232
CP 9240 Corrosion Inhibitor CP 9240
CP 9300  Scale & Corrosion Biocide CP 9300
CP 9560 Descaling Oxidising Biocide  CP 9560
CP 9600 Anti Foaming Agent CP 9600
CP 9730 Acid Based Cleaning Agent CP 9730


At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green, enviromentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the range are produced using enviromentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegrageable.