Enhanced Oil Recovery Technique

What is our MEOR Programme:

MEOR is an unique syngistic blend of environmental products, When these products are introduced they will readily adapt and alter slightly well conditions, thus allowing beneficial bacterial growth and activity.
When the products of our MEOR programme are added, we see an almost increase of oil production and a reduction in the water cut.

We have called our Oil Recovery Programme the  "Prosurf 342 Range"

This range will basically, manipulate the conditions within the well using a prescribed treatment formulation of well tried and tested Bacteria and Chemical species  (either insitu or introduced) to act in the following ways;

  • Secrete bio-surfactants and bio- polymers that lower the surface interfacial tension of the water, allowing for a more comprehensive oil water split.
  • Restore the initial gas drive to the well. Increasing the gas drive through respiration and fermentation will allow for increased oil lift as well as reduced oil viscosity.
  • Metabolize carbon atoms from the interior of an alkaline chain, reducing viscosity of the substance to be pumped, with no apparent degradation of the aromatic ring structure.
  • Form biofilms which act to selectively plug porous pathways and actively lift oil attached to rock structures
  • Out compete unwanted bacterial species which promote unfavourable well conditions.

For more technical information on MEOR, click here.