Water Treatment - Antifoam Agents

Chemiphase have developed an extensive and innovative range of Foam Control treatment chemicals, formulated for the treatment of water across a range of industrial applications and water systems.

Foam control is required in dozens of industries and Chemiphase products are designed for both immediate (defoamer) and persistent control (antifoam) formulations, and are available in compound, emulsion, and powder forms, for both aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

All the Chemiphase products in the Antifoam Treatment Range have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing, and as such offer cutting edge solutions for the problems associated with industrial boiler systems. Employing a Antifoam treatment in your water system has been shown to;

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Minimize maintenance and downtime
  • Protect equipment from corrosion and extend equipment lifetime.

With 20 years experience in manufacturing chemical solutions, Chemiphase, through extensive in house research and development, have refined the Antifoam Treatment Range and are able to offer the most efective and competetively price antifoaming treatments on the market.

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