Petroleum & Biofuel Additive Range

To date Chemiphase has treated successfuly a wide range of fuel additive for the petroleum & biofuel applications using our manufactured products.  These fuel additives are designed to control various aspects of fuel, i.e. cetane enhancers, pour point deppresants, antioxidants, bacterial control additives.

Chemiphase have launched the latest cutting edge of biodiesel additives for the biodiesel industry & diesel market.  All fuel additives are tested and proven to produce exceptional results on all types of biofuel blends and petroleum based fuels. Chemiphase's range of biodiesel additives will aid the biodiesel producer to hit and maintain EN14214 biodiesel standards.  Chemiphase manufacture the most effective cetane enhancement additives available for biodiesel, our cetane enhancers are formulated specifically for biodiesel which will markedly improves the performance properties of biodiesel.

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