Oilfield Laboratory Services


Oilfield Process and Production Chemistry

Chemiphase oilfield chemistry testing services help clients understand and troubleshoot a wide range of possible situations and challenges associated with process and production chemistry.

Oilfield production and process chemical testing:

  • Ion-tracking of formation, produced & injection water
  • Scale and scale inhibitor analysis
  • Production and process chemical analysis
  • Discharge, cooling, drinking water analysis
  • Analysis of process production chemicals
  • Evaluation of corrosion, scale inhibitors
  • Analysis of scales and deposits
  • Quantification of hydrocarbons in water
  • Provision of offshore chemists for short or long term projects

Production and process chemistry services:

  • Drilling Fluids Testing Services
  • Flow Assurance Services
  • Oil Reservoir Souring Services
  • Bacteria Testing for the Oil and Gas Industry