Chemiphase Information

Chemiphase Ltd is an innovative expanding company which was established in 1992, which has proved capable of providing treatment solutions to a wide variety of water and effluent treatment problems. We supply a full range of speciality chemicals and biological products, and support services which enable Chemiphase to provide technically superior, cost effective solutions to water treatment problems.

Chemiphase has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the following areas:

Oilfiled Production Chemical's

Chemiphase have been designing and manufacturing oilfield chemicals for the pasy 22 years and this industry is a core component of Chemiphase.  With the added regulations and environmental aspects to be considered manufacturing chemicals for this sector is becoming a very chanllenging environment.  Chemiphase strives to maintain its advanced position through innovative designs and constant support services.

Waste Water Treatment

Chemiphase designs, builds and supplies a range of waste water treatment plants to incorporate physical, chemical and biological treatment processes. In addition, we have a comprehensive range of chemical and biological products formulated to treat various effluent problems such as heavy metals, high COD/BOD, phenolics, PAH's, colour and inorganics such as cyanide and ammonia etc.

Chemiphase remains fully aware of the increasing constraints on effluent discharge and react pro-actively to ensure that our clients are able to fulfil their obligations in this area.

Land Treatment and Remediation's

Chemiphase has been involved in several major land remediation projects and as such are one of the leading companies in providing proven products and technology for solving the problems in this increasing high profile environmental area.

Industrial Water Treatment

Chemiphase supply a full range of water treatment chemicals, equipment and services for use in the general industrial marketplace. Our chemical product range includes corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, antifoams, dispersants, descalants, flocculants and general chemicals which are used in the treatment of industrial boilers, cooling systems and air conditioning plants.

The chemical product range is complemented by a complete range of dosage and control equipment, together with a pre-treatment plant where necessary. Chemiphase supply a comprehensive on-site support service and analytical service and will make available, laboratory facilities, both chemicals and microbiological, where required.

Water Hygiene Services

Chemiphase supply a comprehensive range of services to our customers to ensure compliance with HSG 70 requirements for the control of Legionella pneumophila in industrial water systems.

Our services include risk assessment, cleaning, chlorination, remedial work, monitoring and documentation to ensure that all legislation relating to this is fully met.

Process Additives

Chemiphase has been active for many years in the oil and gas industry supplying a range of speciality chemicals and services. Our product range includes emulsifiers, demulsifiers, surfactants, flocculants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, antifoulants and antifoams, and are used in a wide range of process applications.

Marine Chemicals

Chemiphase supply a comprehensive range of products for use on board ships. The products are used to treat oil and contaminated water in order to minimise pollution and waste, and to reduce operating costs.

Biofuel Process Additives

Chemiphase manufactures a wide range of biodiesel additives for this up and coming industry. We specialise in manufacturing pour point enhancers, cetane improvers, antioxidants, biocides and pH correction agents. With our 20 years expertise we are able to provide an excellent range of products which is supported by laboratory assistance.