Environmental Policy

At Chemiphase we recognise that every company, industry and commercial undertaking has the potential to cause environmental harm. With this in mind, it is our belief that every company has the potential and the obligation to do everything in its power to conduct themselves in the best interests of the environment.

Chemiphase- Our Environmental Vision

At Chemiphase we are committed to employing environmentally friendly methods that exceed what national and international legislation deems acceptable. We believe that an environmental approach is more than a legal requirement; it is a moral and social responsibility, a responsibility that we take very seriously.

An environmentally conscious approach is the philosophy that Chemiphase is founded upon and underlies all our business plans, from research and development to the end product user.

At Chemiphase we have converted our fleet of vehicles, production facilities and industrial machinery to operate on fully renewable, locally sourced, environmental biofuels. This change has meant we are now producing 42% less carbon emissions, a figure that is soon to be eclipsed with the introduction of, our in house developed, fuel additive that promotes a cleaner, fuller burn, meaning less carbon is produced as a by product of the combustion.

The updating of our onsite water treatment plant means that we are practicing what we preach and will be well in excess of the acceptable standards of effluent water we release.

As Chemiphase is a forward thinking company, we believe that any changes to our products must only be as step towards our ultimate environmental goal. Our product development has seen not only an increase in product efficiency but a move away from using environmentally damaging materials in favour of biodegradebale and environmentally kind raw materials. This coupled with our determination to make our range of chemicals environmentally safe and fully biodegradable has seen the launch of our Environmentally Friendly Product Range, with many more additions to come in the future months.

It is our ultimate aim to be able to offer our full range of chemicals across all our industrial sectors as a part of this Environmentally Friendly Product Range, an aim that we believe is not only possible, but is essential.

Becoming a fully environmentally friendly company is something that we cannot achieve alone. We are constantly recruiting like minded companies, suppliers and distributors who share our green vision. By working collectively we can achieve working relationships that have massive positive impacts on the environment.

Recent updates to our operating systems has allowed us to further effect our carbon foot print and waste generation by allowing us to offer paperless ordering, invoicing and product dispatching. Changing the way we dispatch our products has cut our packaging, and as a consequence our waste, by 61%, a figure that will increase as more of our customers take up our paperless ordering.

Environmental awareness and a willing to act in a positive manner is more important now than ever. At Chemiphase we have taken great strides forward in our positive action and intend to strive for further environmental improvements for many years to come.

We believe that everyone has an obligation to work towards a greener future and at Chemiphase we intend to meet that obligation head on. Chemiphase intends to be the environmentally friendly company, providing the green chemical solutions that you need.