Q : How well prepared is Chemiphase for the implementation of REACH?

A:  Chemiphase has been working for some time on REACH and has already confirmed that it will be pre-registering all its substances as required under the legislation during the second half of 2008.  It is already working within industry sectors groups such as ESPA and EEVA to prepare for the submission of data and registrations beyond this.  While understanding the challenges that REACH presents to the chemical industry, Chemiphase is confident that the range of products available to its customers will not be materially impacted by this new legislation.

Q : Is Chemiphase prepared for the European Biocides Product Directive (BPD) and subsequent regulation (BPR)?

A:  Chemiphase has been a market leader in the supply of Biocides to the Oilfield industries for over 20 years and has been working to ensure that its products have a sustainable future under the BPD and BPR.  Chemiphase only works with actives that have been notified for registration under the regulations and is working very closely with customers to ensure that this business will be maintained and enhanced moving forward through all upcoming legislative requirements.  Chemiphase has its own testing facilities for efficacy testing and can support its customers in the market place through our well-placed sales and distribution teams; for more information see the biocides section of this web site. 

Q : I am looking for a chemical manufacturer in the US, Middle East and / or UK to toll manufacture and distribute chemicals in the region for us. Is this something that Chemiphase would consider?

A:  Yes, you will find some information and contact details in the “Service's” section of our Website, under “Toll Blending Service.

Q:  Who owns Chemiphase?

A:  Chemiphase is a family owned company based in the UK headed by Clive Wiggins.  This family operation has a well established reputation in successful industrial chemical manufacturing facilities; they are looking to grow and strengthen Chemiphase, both in its current operations and by developing new areas of business identified by the management team.

Q : Do I have to label my product if it contains a biocide?

A:  Under Article 58 of the Biocidal Products Regulation, which comes into force on 1st September 2013 all articles which use biocides (a treated article is pretty much everything that uses a biocide) are required to be labelled. This assumes the article itself is not considered a biocide in its own right and applies to products sold in the EU, whether made in the EU or not.

This labelling requires:  (a) a statement that the treated article incorporates biocidal products;  (b) where substantiated, the biocidal property attributed to the treated article;  (c) the name of all active substances contained in the biocidal products;  (d) any relevant instructions for use, including any precautions to be taken because of the biocidal products with which a treated article was treated or which it incorporates. Please note dry treated articles are not mixtures and do not come under the scope of CLP. 

Labelling is required on the product or where this is impractical such information is required to be available to the consumer as detailed in article 58 (6).For actives not yet listed on Annex I of the BPR (most of them) then derogation under Article 94 allows for continued use of the actives. Non supported actives are not permitted from September 2016 or 180 days thereafter if they do not achieve Annex I listing. This derogation is not derogation from the labelling requirements and any interpretation for this was not intended in the original text (CA document March 2013).