Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

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Chemiphase manufacture a wide range of pour point depressants for the marine industry and petroleum.

biomex SRB Chainsaw Oil

biomexTM SRB chainsaw oil is a highly advanced, fully biodegradable, vegetable based chainsaw oil designed to give maximum lubrication by resisting fling, leaving more oil on the bar and chain whilst reducing the impact of oil contact with the environment.


  • Biodegradability  >90% (CEC-L-33-T-82)
  • Non-toxic to animal and plant life
  • Non-toxic to fungus and bacteria often found in woodlands
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Low surface penetration
  • A high flash point, flare point and smoke point

Typical Physical Characteristics

  • Viscosity Grade - SAE 40
  • Density @ 15°C - 0.920
  • Viscosity @ 40°C - 68.0 cSt
  • Viscosity @ 100°C - 15.6 cSt
  • Viscosity Index - 245
  • Appearance - Clear Amber Liquid

At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green , enviromentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the range are produced using enviromentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegrageable.