Floor Cleaning Chemical's

Chemiphase manufacture a wide range of environmentally friendly floor cleaning chemicals.

Chemiphase supply a wide range of floor cleaning chemicals which are used by commercial and domestic customers. Chemiphase floor cleaners are designed to be used on the toughest of floors yet still maintain excellent cleaning capabilities, safety and hygiene levels. Chemiphase have been manufacturing chemicals for over 20 years and are renowned as one of the leading lights in cleaning chemicals.

Floor Cleaning Chemical Range

Product Name
Product Description
Product Code
Brilliant Long Life Floor Polish BRILL-5
ChemiStrip                              Emulsion Floor Polish Remover                 CHEMST-5       
Chewing Gum Remover Chewing Gum Remover  CHEWG-5
Citraclean Powerful Degreaser  CITRA-5 
Descale & Clean  Stainless Steel Cleaner / Degreaser  DSCLEAN-5 
Ex ICE  Ice Thaw Granules  - Powder EXICE-5 
Greasan  Kitchen Hard Surface Cleaner  GREASE-5 

Buff & Shine Spray 

Pine Disinfectant  Pine Disinfectant  PINE-5 
Pine Shine  Natural Pine Gel & Germicidal Cleaner  PINSHI-5 
Traywash Industrial Food Preparation Cleaner  TRAY-5

All our chemical ranges are formulated by our highly trained and vastly experienced chemists and are put through rigorous in house testing in our purpose built research and development laboratory. We subject our chemical ranges to the most stringent of testing to make sure our customers receive the best products, whilst also satisfying our need for constant product improvement.

Once the products have met our exacting standards, we move on to our modern production facility where our skilled technicians produce each and every product to the same precise formulations, before they are shipped on to you, our customers.

For more information on the products please see product data sheets below.