Marine Fuel Additive's

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Chemiphase manufacture a wide range of pour point depressants for the marine industry and petroleum.

Chemiphase have launched the latest cutting edge of Marine Fuel Additives for the diesel market.  All Marine Fuel Additives are tested and proven to produce exceptional results on all types of blends and grades of petroleum based fuels. Chemiphase's range of Marine Fuel Additives will allow exceptional results and offer a security to the fuel grade quality and lifespan.  Chemiphase manufacture the most effective additives available for Marine Fuel.

Additives Effective on Marine Fuel Oil Grades

  • MFO - Marine Fuel Oil
  • HFO - Heavy Fuel Oil
  • MDO - Marine Diesel Oil
  • MGO - Marine Gas Oil
  • BIO - Biodiesel for Marine Use

Marine Fuel Additive Range

Product Name

Product Description

Product Code

Marine Power Improve MPG, Pulling Power MARINEP-5
Marine Anti Wax            Diesel Low Temperature Additive                 MARINEA-5
Marine Restorer   Marine Fuel Restorer MARINER-5
Marine Store Fuel Storage Additive


Marine Anti Bug Marine Fuel Bacteria Protector


Marine Super Super Performance Additive MARINESUP-5


At Chemiphase we carry out :

  • On site analysis then fully re-analyse back in the laboratory to ensure that the product we recommend is the best possible fit.
  • Once a product has been recommended we offer on-site technical assistance for the product dosage rates and application points.
  • This on-site technical service will continue to ensure that the product remains the best solution over the years.

At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green, environmentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the range are produced using environmentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegradable.

All our chemical ranges are formulated by our highly trained and vastly experienced chemists and are put through rigorous in house testing in our purpose built research and development laboratory. We subject our chemical ranges to the most stringent of testing to make sure our customers receive the best products, whilst also satisfying our need for constant product improvement.

Once the products have met our exacting standards, we move on to our modern production facility where our skilled technicians produce each and every product to the same precise formulations, before they are shipped on to you, our customers.

For more information on the products please see product data sheets below.