Sulfaflux H₂S Scavenger's

Chemiphase manufacture a wide range of Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger's which are fast acting hydrogen sulphide scavenger for hydrogen sulphide contamination of well fluids.


Sulfaflux™ Sulfide Controller H₂S Scavenger's

Sulfaflux are a mixed amines based range of H₂S scavenger's that are completely soluble and highly effective in either the oil phase or water phase or a combination of both. Sulfaflux has been proven to outperform conventional chemical solutions and has shown to be a cost effective method of treatment for H₂S in crude oil or gas.

To achieve an effective H₂S Scavenger it will depend on the product dissolves and the time taken to react. Sulfaflux H₂S Scavengers have been shown to quickly dissolve into the fluid containing the offending H₂S and then very quickly react with the scavenger molecules. It is this calculation that is used by Chemiphase when designing a H₂S Scavenger.

When determining the correct Sulfaflux Treatment by the Chemiphase Technical Team, the following parameters will be assessed :

  • Design of system and typical flow rates.
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Contact Time & Mixing Available
  • Analysis of Carrying Fluid

Benefits of Sulfaflux

  • Sulfaflux will not increase the corrosion rates of the fluids it is used in when combating H₂S levels.
  • Sulfaflux has been shown not create Calcium Scale Deposits when applied which is unlike conventional water based H₂S Scavengers Solutions.
  • Sulfaflux will not create increased levels of foaming when administered. Sulfaflux is a very stable and is easy to apply.
  • Sulfaflux has a very high stable temperature profile which allows Sulfaflux to be used in either the Oil Phase or Water Phase. Sulfaflux can be used in treatment systems up to 150°C without the product destabilising and beginning to decompose.
  • Sulfaflux H₂S Scavenger's can be either 100% Water Soluble or 100% Oil Soluble or Soluble in both phases. The correct Sulfaflux product is determined by the Chemiphase Technical Team when assessing the treatment parameters.
  • Sulfaflux H₂S Scavenger's are compatible with the following materials : Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel 304 & 316. No significant changes with HD PE & PP, PTFE, VITON & EPDM.

The Chemiphase Treatment Procedure & Safety Commitment

  1. On site analysis usually bottle testing & then fully re-analyse back in the laboratory to ensure that the product that Chemiphase recommend is the best possible fit, highly effective, safe & cost effective.
  2. Once a product has been recommended we offer on-site technical assistance for the product dosage rates and application points. This will include regular monthly site visits to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. This on-site technical service will continue to ensure that the product remains the best solution as the oilfield changes over the years.
  4. At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green, environmentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the range are produced using environmentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegradable.
  5. All our chemical ranges are formulated by our highly trained and vastly experienced chemists and are put through rigorous in house testing in our purpose built research and development laboratory. We subject our chemical ranges to the most stringent of testing to make sure our customers receive the best products, whilst also satisfying our need for constant product improvement.

To discuss Sulfaflux with a Chemiphase Technician please call (01704) 894808